I have listened to all of (Natalie Hamilton's) available music... I do not say this very often , but I was deeply moved by what I heard ; the songs themselves were direct, seemingly written and sung without artifice. (She) could have simply sung them with a ukulele with that glorious voice, and hit anyone who heard them in the gut. That said, when paired with such high production values, the entirety of (combined with the sensual encounter with the music and voice articulating them) is a poetic experience, one that is immediate, and, as the late poet Ted Berrigan once wrote:  “Marvelous, feminine, and tough.”  This is not so strange a pairing I think ; one looks at the statue of The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, by Bernini , and sees that the spiritual can indeed be sensual and the two combine in something almost beyond language itself to convey something more  In the grain of (Natalie Hamilton's) voice I can hear it.  In any case, I’m digressing. I simply wonder where the hell she's been as a songwriter and why she hadn’t crossed my radar before? "

- Thom Jurek -Staff/Contributing Writer - ALL MUSIC GUIDE -- ROLLING STONE -- MUSICIAN -- SPIN -- AMERICAN SONGWRITER --  PASTE -- INTERVIEW and more.  

"I love Natalie's narrative lyrical Joni Mitchell's 'The Hissing of Summer Lawns'..."

-Derek Sivers -- Creator of

 "You probably don't know the artist who is performing the above song, "God at the Races" but if you  are a music lover, then you probably should. Her name is Natalie Hamilton, and in a world that is mired in mediocrity posing as music, she is an undiscovered gem. I am well aware that the cracks are wide, and true artists slip through them all the time..." READ MORE

-Bogey's Beat Music Blog, Sept. 2017

“...She [Hamilton] is able to say more with humming than most singers can say with words...She possesses an innate ability to create a mood... “reminiscent of a young Barbra Streisand.” 

- Sandy Cooperman -- The Charlotte Sun

“She (Hamilton) is a rare find in an industry bathing in the merits of glitzy production value. And if anything could be delivered with more certainty, it’s that Hamilton's career will outlast her own expectations as long as she continues to deliver songs with such heartfelt poise and honesty.”   

- RMonK, Sputnik Music & Revolving Doors LLC